ASGA Encourages take-up of NSW TAFE Trade Pathways Program

Australian Sign & Graphics Association (ASGA) is encouraging all business owners and staff based in NSW that have been working in the sign industry for at least two years but are not yet formally qualified, to consider a fee free Certificate III qualification under TAFE NSW’s Trade Pathways Program.

This training is subsidized by the NSW Government. The enrolment window has recently been pushed back to 31 August and the completion date for the course to 30 June 2023. As there are no guarantees that the program will be available after this time, the ASGA is urging those considering the opportunity to act now.

“We know a lot of the workforce in signage around Australia may not have technical qualifications. What the ASGA is working towards across Australia is to work with the training organisations to have RPL for registered Certificate III courses. TAFE NSW’s Trade Pathways Program is a start and we are hopeful of a positive take-up of this initiative as it will guide us for what we can do for the rest of the nation,” said Damian Nielsen, ASGA Education Sub-Committee Chair.

“If you have been in the industry for a period of time and you have the skills, you can then be assessed on those, and at the end of the day you are going to walk out with a Cert III. What does that mean for you? If you own a business, you can employ other apprentices. If you work in the industry, you’ll have a qualification which goes on your resume which makes you more employable. 

“What an increase in Cert III qualified workers means for the sign industry as a whole is a lift in standards of work practice, a higher number of qualified workers and greater recognition of signage as a skilled trade, all of which are of benefit to all that operate within the industry.”

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