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  • To say Epson has smashed sales of large, continuous ink tank printers into orbit is an understatement. The company having now sold over 60 million EcoTank printers* is officially the number 1 ink tank printer vendor worldwide¹ and occupies over 62% of large ink tank printer sales globally¹ – that’s 45% more than any other printer manufacturer¹. To celebrate these milestones the company has released its next generation in its EcoTank range for the Home and Home Office. Critically, none of the new models use any ink cartridges at all, replacement ink bottles that provide thousands more printed pages start at just $14.99 and all models come with the new, intuitive and clever Epson Smart Panel™ app.

    An innovative interface, the Epson Smart Panel app transforms iOS® or Android™ mobile devices into an intuitive control centre for select Epson printers and scanners.


    To view the Epson Smart Panel app in action click here or go to:


    This powerful tool makes it incredibly easy to set up, monitor, print, scan and more using your Epson product, right from your hand-held device. With quick-configuration features, it offers easy product setup on your wireless network and automatically detects the Epson product you are using.

    You can customise the Smart Panel to your own preferences and requirements as it’s been built to offer everything you need including easily accessing troubleshooting tips in one convenient app.


    Very clever. Very useful. Very Smart.


    So what’s so special about the new EcoTank Home printers?


    The new EcoTank Home printers launch today (with the Home Office models to follow shortly) and consist of the new ET-1810, ET-2810, ET-2820 and ET-2850 models. These new models are specifically targeted and priced at entry level and budget conscious homes, are ideal for families and in particular home schooling. They also include WiFi for easy connectivity.


    To say recent times have been challenging would be another great understatement. That said, one thing that’s become apparent is how home has become the “everything” place as many have adapted to hybrid work and school environments and having a reliable printer that can meet those new demands has become an absolute necessity.

    From printing important presentations to endless school assignments and entertainment, families are increasingly dependent on performance printing technology to streamline workflows and stay productive.


    Epson’s new EcoTank range uses innovative, heat-free, cartridge-free printing technology which delivers value and convenience for the ideal home printing experience.


    The new EcoTank all-in-one printers offer cartridge-free printing with high-capacity, easily refillable ink tanks for zero ink cartridge waste. Users can save up to 90 percent² with replacement ink bottles versus traditional ink cartridges and each “low-cost” replacement ink set for the new EcoTank printers is equivalent to about 145 individual ink cartridges² – and enough ink to literally print many thousands more pages.  

    The new EcoTank Home printers include thousands of pages worth of ink straight out of the box³ and with every replacement ink set for fewer out of ink frustrations, all new models utilise EcoFit® ink bottles for easy, mess-free and worry-free filling.


    So just how good, efficient and cost effective are they?


    EcoTank ET-1810

    Main function – Printing
    Connectivity - Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

    Print speed – 10 pages per minute black and white, 5 pages in colour

    Number of printed pages out of the box – 3,600³ Black / 6,500³ Colour

    RRP $299


    EcoTank ET-2810

    Main functions - Print, Copy and Scan

    Connectivity - Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

    Print speed – 10 pages per minute black and white, 5 pages in colour

    Number of printed pages out of the box – 3,600³ Black / 6,500³ Colour

    RRP $399


    EcoTank ET-2820

    Main functions - Print, Copy and Scan

    Connectivity - Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Apple AirPrint

    Print speed – 10 pages per minute black and white, 5 pages in colour

    Display screen – 1.44" Colour LCD

    Number of printed pages out of the box – 3,600³ Black / 6,500³ Colour

    RRP $479


    EcoTank ET-2850

    Main functions - Print, Auto 2-sided print, Copy and Scan

    Connectivity - Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Apple AirPrint

    Print speed – 10.5 pages per minute black and white, 5 pages in colour

    Display screen – 1.44" Colour LCD

    Number of pages out of the box – 6,500³ Black / 5,200³ Colour

    RRP $499


    All four new Home models come with Epson’s world-class one-year warranty with a bonus second year free upon registration.


    By using an EcoTank cartridge-free printer homes and families not only maximise productivity and enjoy the freedom to print in colour, but also can help reduce the amount of cartridge waste ending up in landfills.


    The new printers leverage heat-free printhead technology that produces sharp text and impressive colour and graphics on virtually any paper type. 


    Epson’s new Smart Panel app is compatible with a wide range of Epson printers and scanners and to view the full list, go to


    The four new EcoTank for the Home printers are available now at and from all authorised Epson resellers and retailers.


    For more on Epson’s new EcoTank Home printers go to:

  • Kornit Digital Ltd., a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand, digital textile production technologies, announced today the release of its Kornit Presto MAX system for sustainable on-demand production of apparel and other textile goods.

    The new system will make its live debut at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event, which the company is hosting November 2-5 to showcase technology innovations, partnerships, and proven strategies driving the business case for sustainable, on-demand production of fashion and textile goods worldwide.

    “Presto MAX will change the textile industry forever, transforming digital into the catalyst for modernizing the business, breaking the barriers between imagination and physical applications, connecting consumers and fulfillers on a global scale, and truly capitalizing on digital’s promise for delivering both sustainability and profitability, free of waste,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital Chief Executive Officer. “Whether your business is finished goods or ready-to-use custom fabrics, growing your own brand or supplying the world’s retailers and entrepreneurs, this technology represents the cutting edge of on-demand, unconstrained textile production, in terms of both capability, accessibility, and sustainability. Kornit empowers producers to create more with less, shrink their carbon footprint, and deliver unlimited expression while creating new opportunities and growth.”

    Kornit launched its MAX technology in April, and is already field-proven via the Kornit Atlas MAX system, which is today supplying demanding global brands with the high retail quality and application variety needed to grow their product offerings and answer evolving consumers’ needs.

    Kornit Presto MAX reflects the company’s commitment to expanding groundbreaking capabilities to all segments of the marketplace, building upon its continuously improving portfolio of technologies to accelerate and empower the industry’s transformation into a more responsive and responsible model.

    Introducing never-before-seen capabilities to transform virtual concepts into brilliant custom fabrics for fashion, home décor, and other textile applications, Kornit Presto MAX is the first digital print system to offer white printing on colored fabrics, enhancing decoration capabilities for dark colored fabrics more broadly. It is the only single-step solution—and the most sustainable solution available—for direct-to-fabric printing, delivering the highest quality and softest feel with brilliant whites and brighter neon colors. The system is ready to incorporate future iterations and evolutions of XDi technology—3D decorative applications to produce threadless embroidery, high-density, vinyl, screen transfer, and other innovative effects.

    Kornit Presto MAX is compatible with natural fabrics, synthetics, and blends, and includes advanced algorithms for smart autonomous calibration, to deliver high-quality results with short cycle times and minimal manual interruptions or defects. The system was devised for compatibility with the KornitX global fulfillment ecosystem to enable anywhere, anytime production, supporting a true distributed production model that fulfills nearer the end consumer, eliminating time and logistical waste from the experience while empowering brands to ensure quality and consistency across all systems and production sites.

    Kornit Presto MAX provides the cornerstone of a smart, efficient, sustainable EcoFactory that empowers producers to cover and integrate more parts of the process, from design to finished product, to decrease their carbon footprint, use minimum manpower, and generate less waste. This means eliminating excessive time, labor, and shipping throughout the value chain, enabling proximity production to meet the accelerated demands of a web-driven global marketplace—revealing new sales channels and clever business models to grow the business long-term.

    To learn more about Kornit Presto MAX, please contact Kornit today or register for your front-row seat at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event.

  • The ink specialist provides a range of resources, including an Online Troubleshooting Guide, to ensure the best printing quality.

    Modern press technology continues to push the limits of printing. With press speeds increasing and brands becoming ever-more discerning, Sun Chemical has taken strides to ensure that converters are generating the best quality print.

    Sun Chemical offers an Online Troubleshooting Guide, which is a platform highlighting a range of common on-press challenges. By using this resource, Sun Chemical can direct users’ questions to the right experts for their applications. In addition, the company is using its social media channels, namely LinkedIn, to answer questions via the hashtag #SunSolve.

    Sun Chemical has identified drying speeds as one of the more common challenges affecting printers today.

    “One of the major issues we’re seeing is drying speed for the speed of the press, which can cause ink smearing or tracking,” explains Moe Rahmeh, technical customer service functional excellence director. “Those types of issues are non-starters because they’ll shut a press down quickly. Then we have all the variations of dirty print, which show themselves pretty regularly.

    “Regardless of job design, everybody wants to run the fastest they can run,” he adds. “When we come in, the first thing we do is recognise the type of job we’re running, that way we can make sure we have the right ink in the press to start with. Today, you need a drying speed for high press speeds while keeping the ink wet on the plate and in the anilox. You need to dry it fast enough to where you don’t have any smearing or blocking. The biggest issue for us with drying speeds is making sure the chemistry is right. The chemistry of the ink is extremely important to be soluble enough to print.”

    In order to successfully run presses at high speeds, there is a real marriage between the plates, the anilox and the ink, as they all work in concert with each other. For example, Sun Chemical has noticed a common drying issue as it relates to the anilox. According to Rahmeh, anilox technology and plate technologies are changing every day. So too is the surface treatment on the plates.

    “If the customer is trying to get some real high densities on their anilox, and they’re pushing the anilox volumes up on the screen values, then you end up with some drying issues,” says Rahmeh. “You also then start getting dirty print. Sometimes just by looking at the anilox and the volume, we’ll know if we can get this issue fixed on-press or if we’ll have to go in a different direction.”

    Sun Chemical has an extensive staff on-hand to help troubleshoot these types of issues. For Rahmeh, the company prides itself on asking as many questions as possible. The team has also been traveling extensively throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in an effort to help converters service their essential industries.

    “We at Sun Chemical have taken a different approach to troubleshooting,” states Rahmeh. “The main thing for us is asking questions. We’re asking a lot of questions before we even get to the customer, so we’re prepared to address whatever situation we might come across.”

    A big factor in Sun Chemical’s troubleshooting process is selecting the proper ink products for each customer. Tailoring a unique solution is key, as this is not a one-size-fits-all process.

    “As an industry, we’ve always made the mistake – to make it simple for the customer – we’re just going to give you one ink that does everything,” comments Rahmeh. “My goal is to give you an ink that you just put in the press and run it. We try to address all those conditions within our formulations.

    “At Sun Chemical, we can work with our own pigment group to develop these kinds of solutions,” he adds. “All of our solutions are coming from our experience in the field, and that’s really required. If we have all those things in place and we’re still having those kinds of issues, most of the time we find it’s just an imbalance in a viscosity or pH, and/or the anilox volume is too high or too low depending on the job design they’re running. We will come in and help you figure out the sweet spot.”

    Sun Chemical has also been active in collaborating with press manufacturers, especially as they launch new press technology. “We are in constant contact with them as they develop new presses, especially as it relates to drying speeds and drying mechanisms, as well as how they set up the dryers. We’re looking at everything that goes into printing, we’re giving the suppliers advice as far as what’s needed for different substrates and the separation of the inks.”

    Sun Chemical has developed a wide range of solutions for its NWTL (narrow web tag and label) customers. Not only are these troubleshooting resources available for seasoned veterans, they can serve a great need in helping those new to the industry get up to speed.

    “We put a lot of emphasis on NWTL market,” says Rahmeh. “We’re collaborating with a lot of people, and that’s why I feel really strongly about what we’re doing for the entire industry.”

  • Efficient, high-quality, versatile digital inkjet solutions can be key to helping display graphics providers drive profitability and capture new growth opportunities. Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is working closely with those providers, presenting them innovative solutions that can drive their display graphics business forward faster in an economic recovery. This week, dozens of EFI™ customers, prospects and industry media and analysts are attending a series of EFI Ignition open house events that deliver a more-comprehensive view of growth opportunities display graphics providers can capture.
    The events – one-day invitation-only presentations and demonstrations at the EFI Global Inkjet Innovation Center in Londonderry, New Hampshire – highlight the ways print providers can take their businesses to new heights by leveraging leading-edge production solutions.
    The pandemic has understandably forced the cancellation or postponement of several large tradeshows that would have served as launch events for these products, but that does not diminish our customers’ need for continued advancement and innovation,” said Ken Hanulec, vice president of Worldwide Marketing, EFI. “Our conversations with customers at this week’s Ignition event will give a strong representation of the market opportunities display graphics businesses have for success in a recovering market using our leading portfolio of innovative solutions.”
    This week’s events highlight new product launches and a range of topic areas that address specific display graphics challenges and opportunities. New product launches and presentation topics include:


    • Growth opportunities in premium soft-signage applications with the launch of the new VUTEk® FabriVU® Plus series 70-, 133- and 205-inch dispersed dye-sublimation printers, including the 133-inch-wide VUTEk FabriVU® 340i+ model with in-line sublimation making its debut at the Ignition events. The FabriVU 340i+ model delivers upgraded performance thanks to eight high-performance printheads, and enhanced high-quality and backlit print modes, with the ability to print on transfer paper or direct to fabric using the same ink set. The FabriVU Plus series’ new CMYK x 2 configuration printhead array – along with new electronics, a new vacuum system, and a new heating element – deliver higher-quality 600 dpi graphics with better saturation and more density.
    • Achieving value with a wider range of possibilities with the newest EFI Wide Format hybrid printer, the 126-inch wide EFI Pro 30h LED flatbed/roll-fed system dual-roll capabilities in Continuous Board printing models to give commercial print shops, sign shops and in-plant print departments an efficient, highly versatile entry point into high-quality display graphics production.
    • An overview of digital print for packaging opportunities, with a presentation of market benchmark data from industry analyst Kevin Karstedt. EFI is also presenting highlights of the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus printer – the world’s leading single-pass inkjet solution for corrugated – and an upcoming, premium-quality, shuttle-based UV LED printer, the EFI MCORR 1300, scheduled for release in 2022.
    • EFI’s expanding super high speed signage production solutions – the EFI VUTEk h5 hybrid roll/flatbed printer with ¾ automation along with the EFI VUTEk XT hybrid printer and single-pass Nozomi 18000+ LED printer for display graphics producers coming in 2022 – that deliver the automation, reliability and productivity needed to lower costs per square foot, at higher volumes, for an extended range of signage and display products.
    • High-volume, higher-value UV LED graphic production with the EFI VUTEk Q series – the fastest-ever VUTEk roll-to-roll production printers offering. Launched in 2021, the 138-inch-wide VUTEk Q3r and 208-inch-wide VUTEk Q5r printers offer expanded capabilities for a wide range of challenging, high-volume applications, with premium features such as multi-layer white and high-value in-line finishing, collection, and auto backlit and blockout options that help users achieve a remarkably low total cost of operation.
    • Emerging and high-growth industrial applications, with a presentation highlighting advanced inkjet printer, ink and coatings solutions that bring greater value, versatility, quality, and efficiency to markets, including for wood decoration and wood flooring production, luxury vinyl tile manufacturing, and more.
    • End-to-end workflows to drive profit. Ignite will highlight the unique advantages possible in display graphics production with comprehensive EFI Midmarket Print Suite MIS/ERP workflow solutions that handle web-to-print order entry, estimating and costing, accounting, production, fulfillment and more. This Ignition session also highlights the launch of new EFI Fiery® XF and Fiery proServer digital front-end solutions, offering significantly faster spot color processing and expanded print-and-cut support features.
    • Higher value in hybrid printing, leveraging the cost and productivity advantages of the 126-inch-wide EFI VUTEk h3 and h5 LED printers. Four-color is the new eight-color on these printers, thanks to an exceptionally wide color gamut that has successfully given users worldwide the power to drive faster throughput on premium work by moving away from eight-color process to a CMYK x 2 configuration with little to no loss in imaging quality.
    For more information about sign and display graphics printing and other advanced inkjet solutions from EFI, visit

  • The new, industrial, entry-level EFI Reggiani TERRA Silver textile printer from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is making its debut at the Fespa Global Print Expo 2021 tradeshow, 12-15 October at RAI Amsterdam.

    The EFI Reggiani TERRA Silver uses unique TERRA pigment ink for high-quality, highly sustainable direct-to-textile printing without steaming or washing.

    “This is one of the first trade shows to return after the pandemic, and we are very excited to again meet customers in person and showcase an innovative offering that delivers superior printing results while using less time, water and energy,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “We are introducing this advanced EFI Reggiani TERRA Silver solution to the many print service providers at Fespa, presenting them with an ideal path to enter the industrial textile segment with a short, smart and green production process.”

    The new-version TERRA Silver printer is part of EFI’s complete TERRA line-up of pigment ink printer solutions. It is a 180-cm wide printer that can print up to 190 sqm per hour with eight dual-channel printheads. The printer also features:

    • A new recirculating ink system for superior reliability and minimum maintenance

    • Several printing modes to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of design capability

    • New, real-time image processing that eliminates time spent in image pre-calculations

    • A user friendly, intuitive interface

    • A more-efficient polymerisation process that takes place as printed textile goes through the printer’s on-board dryer.

    In Fespa stand 1-G71, attendees can see the EFI Reggiani TERRA Silver print smoothly and precisely on knitted and woven fabrics. The printer’s quality is evident in its high-uniformity printing modes, and it delivers numerous features that enhance the production process, including an accurate WYSIWYG interface and flexible queue management.

    EFI Reggiani is also a leading developer of textile inks. The EFI Reggiani TERRA pigment inks used on the Silver model deliver excellent wet and dry fastness properties and remarkable sharpness in detail. Designed to leverage EFI Reggiani digital printers’ market-proven industrial performance capabilities, these eco-friendly, water-based inks provide an extraordinary level of print durability and yield longer print head life with reduced maintenance costs. The high-performance digital pigment inks also use an innovative binder technology for fast, sustainable, and cost-competitive industrial textile printing on the widest range of fabrics. Users also gain superior print definition and colour intensity.

    This year, EFI Reggiani celebrates 75 years of heritage and innovation in the textile world. Always committed to deliver to the market new cutting-edge technologies, EFI Reggiani has world-class products offering boosted uptime and reliability, high performance throughput, and remarkable printing uniformity and accuracy – all while helping customers increase the sustainability of their textile manufacturing activities. Green EFI Reggiani processes give users fast, complete and sustainable solutions across a broad range of textile applications.

    In this 75th anniversary year, EFI Reggiani has also launched several other ground-breaking solutions, such as EFI Reggiani HYPER, the fastest scanning digital printer on the market, and the EFI Reggiani BLAZE, an industrial entry-level, easy-to-use printer designed to give new textile companies the opportunity to adopt digital inkjet production with a compact solution to blaze a successful path into the industry. 

  • After an exhaustive assessment and evaluation process, Epson has been named the Forbes JAPAN Number 1 sustainable company.

    Sustainability has played a major part in Epson’s corporate approach and philosophy for some time with the company achieving and further targeting some major milestones in this area.


    Notably Epson recently revised its 10-year long-term vision to include a definitive commitment to developing technology that significantly contributes to the environment and a long-term perspective that creates sustainable value.


    Epson also recently embarked on a campaign with National Geographic entitled, “Turn Down the Heat” where they engaged with Professor Katey Walter Anthony, her research on the Arctic warming and the effects of melting permafrost ice on the speed of global warming. As part of the campaign Katey uses Epson’s innovative inkjet printers whose Heat-Free Technology uses up to 94% less energy1 and power than comparable laser printers.


    Earlier this year Epson announced it will be joining RE100, a global initiative that brings together the world’s most influential businesses driving the transition to 100% renewable electricity.


    The company also announced that its worldwide group sites will all meet their electricity needs from 100% renewable energy sources (renewable electricity) by 2023.


    With growing global interest in societal issues such as the environment and energy, Epson established its Environmental Vision 2050 to express its commitment to environmental management, and subsequently rolled out various measures aimed at achieving this.


    The Paris Agreement subsequently established decarbonisation targets, and Epson created a scenario to achieve by FY2025 science-based targets aimed at achieving these goals. This scenario included the use of renewable electricity as an important theme, and Epson made plans and implemented measures to expand its use over the long term.


    The company has established its policy as it seeks to accelerate its plans to become a leading environmental company, and with the belief that climate change represents a serious corporate risk and that Epson must play a greater role in mitigating that risk as it rolls out its business worldwide.

  • Print Shop Analytics is the first cloud-based Prinect app available through Heidelberg Plus.

    • Access via Heidelberg Plus Portal with single sign-on
    • Application developed together with customers
    • Digital Heidelberg ecosystem gaining momentum / significant customer benefits of digitisation clear to see

    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is taking the digitisation of its customer relationships incorporating useful value-added services to the next level. “Heidelberg Plus” is the new gateway to Heidelberg’s digital ecosystem, which customers can enter with a single login and access all of Heidelberg’s digital offerings. Future applications will make use of cloud technologies, IoT, Big Data, and AI to offer customers added value when it comes to running their companies.

    As part of Innovation Week 2021, that took place from October 13 to 15 at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site under the slogan “Always a Step Ahead”, Heidelberg was showcasing Prinect Print Shop Analytics, the first cloud-based Prinect app offered through Heidelberg Plus that will become availa-ble to customers in the course of the coming year. This is a tool that enables users to determine the current performance of a print shop based on real-time data from the most important KPIs.

    Monitor KPIs in real time with Print Shop Analytics and optimise production.
    Many print shops still control their processes using outdated data and only have limited access to their current KPIs, which makes it difficult to quickly optimise many processes. Prinect Print Shop Analytics offers an integrated solution that records, evaluates, and monitors the KPIs of a print shop in real time to optimise production by suggesting concrete courses of action with the help of artificial intelligence. Customers can access it via Heidelberg Plus with an integrated user interface and single sign-on authentication. All generated dashboards, with the corresponding analytics and recommendations, are available to all authorised users at any location on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, as required. There is a notification system in place here that actively alerts the user to any problem areas.

    “With the first Prinect app available in Heidelberg Plus, our Heidelberg digital ecosystem is gaining momentum, and the customer benefits of digitisation are becoming increasingly apparent,” says Ludwig Allgoewer, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Heidelberg. "Market surveys have shown that our customers urgently want the functions of an app like Prinect Print Shop Analytics that they can use to quickly boost efficiency while systems are running, and also reduce costs at the same time."

    Heidelberg is developing Print Shop Analytics in collaboration with customers
    In order to make the app ready for the market as quickly as possible, while also offering the desired practical functions, Print Shop Analytics is being developed as part of a joint project between Heidelberg and Pinguin Druck in Berlin:

    “Collaborating with Pinguin Druck is having a very positive effect on the user value of the very first cloud-based Prinect app,” says Christopher Berti, Head of Software Solutions at Heidelberg. “This approach ensures that the functions we include in the app reflect actual market demands.”

    “Print Shop Analytics is becoming a game changer in our day-to-day work,” says Alexander Mende, Managing Director at Pinguin Druck. “I will now be notified immediately by Print Shop Analytics if one of our printing presses fails or the print shop misses its targets. These notifications are set according to my personal preferences and I can see the detailed data immediately. This feature and the recommended courses of action the tool suggests help me make the right decision to promptly solve a problem.”

    Heidelberg Plus supports print shop management and offers customers additional value
    With Heidelberg Plus, the company is combining existing digital applications with new services for customers. In the future, a single point of access is all users will need for a complete overview of all the digital tools and services in the Heidelberg portfolio. This will make it quick and easy to obtain information, purchase items (eShop), and monitor their business. Over 1,800 print shops already use Heidelberg Assistant (HDA) to access their production data. To obtain the relevant services, they need to be registered or have purchased specific services as a contract customer.

    What is already impressing users more than anything is the option of using mobile devices to monitor machine operation, purchase consumables, or create service tickets. Regular HDA users range from large businesses with sites located in dozens of different countries to SMEs with just one site. “Key elements of the Heidelberg digital ecosystem such as HDA and the eShop have already developed very encouragingly,” explains Allgoewer. “By merging these and other existing applications, and also integrating new ones, we will further enhance the benefits for our customers.”

    The company recently unveiled the new gateway to the HD digital ecosystem “Heidelberg Plus” to the public at the China Print trade show this past summer. The tool is now set to be showcased at the Print Media Center in Germany as part of Innovation Week 2021.

  • Koenig & Bauer Durst GmbH has unveiled the VariJET 106 in a world premiere with exclusive live demonstrations for customers and stakeholders in Radebeul, near Dresden, Germany, where the modular single pass sheetfed digital printing press for the folding carton market has been jointly developed by Koenig & Bauer and Durst.

    Using market-proven industrial expertise from Durst and Koenig & Bauer, beta testing is due to start in the coming weeks. The first units of the VariJET 106 are due to be installed at customer sites in Europe and America in the second half of 2022. Target groups include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tobacco and food industries, as well as folding carton converters.

    At the launch, which included presentations in the Customer Experience Center, senior executives unveiled further insights into Koenig & Bauer’s packaging strategy. Updates were provided on how the digitalisation of business processes for new products and services is progressing.

    The B1 5500sph press combines the best of both worlds – digital inkjet and classic offset printing. The VariJET 106 is based on water-based inkjet processes to provide the highest print quality. The innovative digital printing system is at the heart of the collaborative development between Koenig & Bauer and Durst. The VariJET 106 platform is based on Koenig & Bauer’s standard high performance Rapida 106 platform and Durst printhead electronics, inkjet expertise and Durst workflow and RIP technology. This includes Durst Analytics, Smartshop and Workflow.

    Using 7 color water-based food compliant inkjet technology (CMYK plus orange, green and violet), the VariJET 106 is suitable for food applications that meet the stringent requirements for food safe primary packaging utilising proprietary water-based ink technology. The VariJET 106 can produce personalised and individualised print products or alternate between short and medium runs.

    The VariJET 106 offers:

    • Modular integration of upstream and downstream processes

    • Combination of digital print with proven modules of the Rapida platform

    • Perfect register accuracy thanks to inline production

    • Highly competitive TCO, efficient production of ultra-short to medium runs

    • Reduced resource consumption, storage costs and waste

    • Absolute flexibility for test packaging and new campaigns

    • Fastest possible response to market demands

    Koenig & Bauer and Durst first announced they had joined forces and set up an independent joint venture company in 2019. The VariJET 106 is the first product jointly and developed by the two companies. Already in production and part of the Koenig & Bauer Durst portfolio are the Delta SPC 130 Series and the CorruJET 170 Series – aimed at corrugated packaging.

    The VariJET 106, Delta SPC 130 and CorruJET 170 are designed with core technologies to provide automated, productive, food safe printing systems. They deliver shorter response times, more variants, shorter run lengths, individualisation and enable more and more small value orders. They also answer the increasing customer demand for brand security, sustainability and the ability to meet brand owners’ requirements for multichannel communication including e-commerce.

    Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst, said: “This world premiere marks a proud moment – and what a journey it has been! We are really excited by the progress we have made and the opportunities with our VariJET 106 despite these testing times. We have beta sites at an advanced stage of planning. These potential customers already have a vision for mass customisation will be working with us in partnership Feedback from our customers is that shorter run lengths, mass customisation and the need to be more agile are the compelling reasons for moving to digital production.

    “Successful companies need to be able to embrace the trends that are occurring and offer solutions. Brand owners continually want their products to stand out, require shorter lead times, while at the same time eliminate waste and conform to sustainability and track-and-trace requirements. Brand owners are also looking to ensure the new production methods are reliable, compliant and cost effective while converters need to have the capabilities and competencies to mass customise without any compromise on quality. We deliver on this.”

  • Electronics For Imaging, Inc. has unveiled its newest digital front end (DFE) and workflow solutions for display graphics and industrial printing, EFI Fiery XF/Fiery proServer version 7.3 and EFI Fiery Prep-it workflow software.

    Print shops managing numerous wide- and superwide-format inkjet printers and cutters want a single DFE and automated workflow software that can simplify and integrate their operation, reduce operator training, and achieve consistent high-quality colour output. Fiery XF 7.3 with Prep-It addresses these challenges by adding the technology that highly productive organisations need.

    Hundreds of new supported printers

    Print shops with mixed-manufacturer printers can achieve greater production efficiencies with less operator training by having one RIP technology. Fiery XF 7.3 software and the EFI Fiery proServer digital front end (DFE) now have added support for more than 180 new printer drivers from Agfa, Canon, d.gen, Durst, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland DG, and Teckwin among others, bringing the total number of Fiery-supported printer models to more than 1,200. Customers can also now request a driver for an additional 400+ printers to complete support for their shop’s installed printer base.

    More efficient and flexible ways to print and cut

    Customers are no longer tied to one cutting workflow when they own multiple different types of equipment with the new capability to mix and match cutting equipment with print and cut printers. Fiery XF 7.3 increases productivity through QR code support for cutting solutions from Zünd, Esko Kongsberg, iCut, EuroSystems OptiScout v8, and MATIC cutters.

    Faster, more-powerful colour management

    This release also includes a new printing mode that can reduce the processing time of jobs that include spot colours by up to 50%. Users can choose between presets that select the highest accuracy (e.g., for proofing applications with certain spot colour settings) or highest speed as their priority when processing jobs.

    Print businesses with wide-gamut printers can make the most of their printer’s color capability with a new Clean Colors mode that delivers more-intense, vibrant prints. The newly supported PrintWide2020 ICC profile produces greater colour saturation and contrast for higher-impact prints while, at the same time, maintain G7 tonality, a neutral gray balance and realistic skin tones.

    Automated cutting workflows and cut path control with Fiery Prep-it

    The new EFI Fiery Prep-it software launching in November can dramatically improve cutting preparation and production in wide- and superwide-format printing. Prep-it delivers industry-leading true-shape nesting saving more media versus competitive solutions due to its superior image placement. Automated workflows, double-sided nesting control, sophisticated cut path editing and more significantly accelerate print to cut production. The exclusive Fiery XF integration with Fiery Prep-it to enable the support of more than 1,300 cutters for the Fiery Prep-it and Fiery XF combination.

    Offerings tuned to the unique needs of proofing vs production markets

    Fiery XF 7.3 now offers two versions that are more specifically tuned to the needs of proofing and production customers. The two different product configurations give customers in each segment exactly what they need, including the Fiery Color Profiler Option, at the right price – with room to grow when their businesses and needs change.

    “The advanced, highly automated Fiery XF, proServer and Prep-it solutions we are launching make end-to-end production more efficient and more profitable for customers,” said John Henze, vice president, sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “These new innovations reflect our ongoing goal to help wide- and superwide-format print customers deliver the very best possible prints as quickly as possible.”

    The latest Fiery XF software release is now available for all users with a current EFI Software Maintenance & Support Agreement or an EFI Enhanced Service Program. Users can purchase Fiery Prep-it software from EFI, or from authorised EFI Fiery resellers.

  • Direct To Film (DTF) printing has been around for longer than you might think, although it’s only very recently that it’s started to gather more traction and pique the interest of garment producers both in the UK & Ireland as well as further afield.

    For a long time, Direct To Garment (DTG) has been the ‘go to’ solution for those looking to print onto a wide variety of garment types and colours, but now there’s a viable alternative. Utilising white ink technology, without the need for pre-treatment, DTF offers users the capability to print onto almost any fabric type or colour with ease. Furthermore, the durable ink technology means that there’s no cracking, even on stretch materials, with high wash and rub resistance. All of that in an affordable package with ultra-low running costs.

    At R A Smart (CAD & Machinery) our reputation as suppliers of premium quality textile printing solutions is supported by our selection of industry leading equipment. We take our product selection very seriously and only partner with the best manufacturers that produce high-quality machines and our DTF solution is no different.

    Following extensive in-house testing we’ve partnered with a pioneering producer of the entire DTF package, with patented ink and application technology developed over the past 4 years. We’re excited to bring this revolutionary solution into the market as the exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland. Our demo unit is fully up & running at our Cheshire based facility for customers to visit, produce samples and see this amazing technology firsthand.

  • + Ricoh to offer a touch of Gold and Silver

    Unlock the Potential of Ricoh CMYK+ PrintingWith the constant barrage of information we receive in our ever increasing multichannel world, creating impact ...

    October 19 2021

    Unlock the Potential of Ricoh CMYK+ Printing

    With the constant barrage of information we receive in our ever increasing multichannel world, creating impact and cut-through with communication is more important than ever. Print not only provides a familiar and tactile medium to promote and inform, but increasing digital print capabilities allows Print Service Providers to offer their customers more, and in turn grow revenue and profit.

    During our live technology showcase we'll introduce the new sparkling additions of Gold and Silver to the Ricoh 5th Colour portfolio, discuss and showcase potential applications and guide you through the ease of use and benefits of CMYK+ print enhancements.

    Learn how to expand your services and increase profit through new Ricoh 5th colour capabilities.

    Join our webinar, Thursday 21st October at 11am AEST to learn more.

  • Kodak today announced a revolutionary new digital press and innovative additions to its comprehensive portfolio of digital and offset solutions designed to help printers boost their profitability and capitalise on new opportunities for growth.

    Kodak today announced a revolutionary new digital press and innovative additions to its comprehensive portfolio of digital and offset solutions designed to help printers boost their profitability and capitalise on new opportunities for growth.

    The revolutionary KODAK ASCEND Digital Press takes high-end Packaging and Retail Signage to new heights

    The new KODAK ASCEND Digital Press is the perfect solution for commercial printers and digital service providers who want to succeed in the growing Retail/POP and Packaging markets. The KODAK ASCEND Digital Press is the first electrophotographic (EP) press designed to print heavy weight substrates at long lengths with eye-catching, high-margin CMYK and flat foil embellishments in one pass. It is more flexible than traditional presses and more productive than flatbed inkjet systems, offering production speeds up to 572 sqm/hour (5280 sqft/hour). Its large sheet length of up to 122 cm (48 inches) allows the press to offer 23% more print area than a B2 sheet. The new press enables printers to deliver sustainably recyclable print by using environmentally friendly KODACHROME Dry Inks, which are Indirect Food Contact rated. Kodak’s new press is a more cost-effective solution for producing Retail/POP and Packaging applications than traditional presses or flatbed inkjet devices.

    The ASCEND Digital Press will be available Q2 2022 in North America and Europe.

    KODAK PRINERGY On Demand Access puts cloud-based workflow within reach of small to mid-size commercial printers

    With PRINERGY On Demand Access, Kodak is introducing a cost-effective expansion of its cloud-based PRINERGY On Demand Platform. This new option makes the printing industry’s most secure and highest performing software platform affordable for more printers of any size, with or without digital presses.

    The new SaaS solution provides full connectivity to digital presses, Microsoft Azure-backed security and the scalability the PRINERGY On Demand Platform is known for. PRINERGY On Demand Access includes preflight, colour management, file management, backup and routing as well as built-in KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal functionality for file submission, remote customer collaboration and online approvals. Available in Q1 2022.

    New KODAK PROSPER Digital Varnish for highly flexible digital coating of paper-based packaging

    The new KODAK PROSPER Digital Varnish is a unique, water-based varnish that can be jetted as an area or spot coat to printed packages using KODAK PROSPER S-Series or KODAK PROSPER Plus Imprinting Systems. The eco-friendly PROSPER Digital Varnish can be applied in perfect register with design elements and creates a matte protective layer providing rub and water resistance to paper-based packaging applications.

    As PROSPER Digital Varnish is applied only where needed and doesn’t require plate making for spot coating, it helps printers eliminate the costs, effort, waste and environmental impact associated with traditional post-coating methods. The new varnish provides an environmentally friendly, water-based alternative to solvents and UV coatings.

    The KODAK PROSPER Digital Varnish will be available worldwide by the end of 2021.

    Enhanced KODAK Mobile CTP Control App offering more management and reporting capabilities

    The KODAK Mobile CTP Control App is an app that allows remote control and monitoring of up to 10 KODAK CTP Platesetters, reducing a dependency on onsite labor for managing jobs in queue, status updates, and more. The enhanced version of this one-of-a-kind app provides access to real-time and historical data with customisable reporting to save time on data analysis, help prioritise actions, and improve plate-making efficiency. The new version of KODAK Mobile CTP Control App is now available worldwide to download for Android and iOS mobile operating system.

    Executive quote:
    “The innovations announced today reflect Kodak’s continued commitment to developing breakthrough solutions that enable our customers to improve their productivity and profitability and successfully expand their customer base,” said Jim Continenza, Kodak’s Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “With innovations like the KODAK ASCEND Digital Press, we are opening up new profitable application opportunities for printers. We continue to deliver on our promise to provide a complete range of solutions that offer Print that Pays.”

    For additional information on Kodak, visit us at and engage with us on Twitter @KodakPrint and on LinkedIn at Kodak Print

  • Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters, today announced the BN-20A, a new, lower-cost addition to its VersaSTUDIO series of desktop inkjet printer cutters.

    The VersaSTUDIO BN series is one of the most compact, easy-to-use, and affordable desktop inkjet printer cutters available for professional use. With over 18,000 units shipped since its launch in 2011, the BN-20 has proven popular among a wide range of users, from those starting a printing business to those producing and selling original goods from their home or stores. A combination of CMYK, metallic, and white inks, plus print and cut functions, enables the production of a wide variety of items, from custom T-shirts to A2-size posters and stickers.  
    The latest model of the BN series, the BN-20A was designed to be more affordable by offering only CMYK ink colours while maintaining the high performance and ease of use of a professional business printer. The ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink can print on a wide range of media, including not only poster paper but also thermal transfers, PVC sheets and PET films. A True Rich Color preset has received high praise from advertising and sign professionals for its ability to produce vivid and accurate graphic expression. The BN-20A also features a print and cut function that allows you to automatically contour cut any shape around printed graphics, photos or text for stickers, labels, and uniquely shaped POP displays. In addition, it comes standard with output software that even beginners can use intuitively to easily produce high-quality printing from design data such as illustrations and photos. Compact enough to be placed on a desk and designed with safety in mind, it can be used in a home, office or retail location with complete peace of mind. It operates on a standard household power supply, so no special electrical work is required. 
    Tony Miller, President, Global Sales and Marketing Division, said, "With the spread of digital technology, diversification of work styles, and the impact of COVID-19, there is a growing worldwide desire to start a business and work from home. At Roland DG, it is our mission to help people make the most of their individual skills and creativity.With its ability to easily create unique and attractive items, the BN-20A was designed to be the perfect business partner for people who enjoy designing, taking pictures, and making things. We will continue to expand our range of VersaSTUDIO desktop products to provide more people with the joy of creation.”

    To find out more, go to:

  • swissQprint is launching a new series of models this October. The core of the new flatbed printers is cutting-edge print head technology along with advanced mechanical features that promise a quantum leap for users – especially when it comes to output quality.

    swissQprint large format printers are renowned for their top quality – in terms of design as well as printing results. The Swiss manufacturer has redefined its standards and is now launching its flatbed generation 4.

    Enhanced quality, increased productivity

    New print heads are the centrepiece of the new generation. Maximum resolution of 1350 dpi and ultra-high-precision droplet placement significantly boost the print quality of the Impala and Nyala models. Both printers also benefit from an impressive increase in output for certain production print modes. The Oryx model is almost 40 percent faster than its predecessor, making it a truly outstanding entry-level printer.

    Improved comfort and efficiency

    swissQprint has incorporated various mechanical improvements into generation 4, singling out the Tip Switch Vacuum (patent pending) as a highlight. The table is divided into as many as 256 segments that users can quickly and easily switch on or off at the touch of a finger. This eliminates tedious and time-consuming masking – also in the gap between boards and dual rolls. Because there is no air leakage, the vacuum develops its full force and reliably holds down hard-to-handle media.

    Modular configuration

    The new range offers a host of options for individual configuration. Users can have their printer assembled exactly in line with what they require today. If their needs or requirements change, they can add a diverse range of options to the printer at any time.

    The new flatbed generation from swissQprint is available for delivery via the company's worldwide distribution network as of now. Demonstrations can be arranged either face-to-face or via live streaming. swissQprint also offers a sampling service.

    Further information:

    swissQprint AG
    Schützenwiese 8
    CH-9451 Kriessern
    T +41 71 727 05 05
    F +41 71 727 05 06 

  • Xante’ is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Heavy White UV Ink for its X series of UV printers.

    Current and future Xante’ X16/X33 users will be able to enjoy the new heavy pigment-loaded white ink for greater coverage, printing fewer layers and increasing production speed. For existing customers this change in white ink will be seamless and new customers will be able to take advantage of the increased production speeds.

    Mark R. Priede, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated "Our customers are demanding greater production and flexibility. We are continuing to design new functionality for our current customers; the Heavy White ink will allow the customer to have greater coverage in a single pass. This will make them more efficient and increase overall productivity. We are always working hard to provide this for our current and future customers."

    Xante’s Heavy White UV Ink is currently shipping and available. From a pricing standpoint, there will be no increase of price for this new ink technology. For more information on Xante’s Heavy White Ink or the X16/X33 please call 251-473-6502 or visit our website at

  • + CorelDRAW Introduces Valuable Subscriber Updates & New CorelDRAW Technical Suite

    Corel extends its CorelDRAW 2021 professional product family with new subscriber-exclusive updates for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 and unveils CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021, the newest editio...

    October 05 2021

    Corel extends its CorelDRAW 2021 professional product family with new subscriber-exclusive updates for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 and unveils CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021, the newest edition of its comprehensive software collection for high-impact technical design and documentation.

    Whether they choose CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite, subscribers can now enjoy a more flexible way to stay up to date with productivity-boosting dynamic asset management and collaboration workflow enhancements, additional fonts, creative templates and more to maximise their creative potential.  

    “Whether you’re at the office, at home or working remotely, the CorelDRAW 2021 product family includes robust suites that enable graphics pros to work how, when and where they want,” said John Falsetto, Senior Director of Products, Graphics and Productivity. “With new features, helpful content and support for the latest technologies, these new subscription-exclusive updates offer creative and technical graphics professionals maximum value and deliver on our commitment to provide everything they need for success.” 

    Available for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and CorelDRAW Technical Suite, these new subscriber-exclusive updates include: 

    • Work faster with dynamic asset management: Access and manage all assets from one central location and share symbols across teams. Easily sync updates to ensure you’re always working with the most current asset.  
    • Work even better together with enhancements to collaboration workflows: An enhanced collaboration workflow makes working with colleagues and clients in a remote world more efficient than ever. Enjoy a streamlined sign-in process and performance enhancements for faster saving, opening and sharing of Cloud designs.
    • Boost your creativity with new time-saving typography tools: Create stunning typography faster than before with new integrated access to the Google Fonts library in Corel Font Manager. Effortlessly browse, search and preview more than 1,000 font families from the Google Fonts library without having to install the fonts you wish to use. 

    Expanding beyond graphic design, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 builds on the strengths of CorelDRAW to offer a full collection of powerful tools specifically for the creation of professional technical illustrations and visual documentation.  

    CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 offers exceptional control and precision for flawless technical documentation and design. From manufacturing and engineering to architecture and high tech, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 is the ultimate hub for designing detailed technical illustrations, documentation, marketing and more with total control and incredible efficiency. 

    “Thanks to new timesaving tools and simplified workflows, CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 gives technical graphics pros everything they need to create exceptional designs,” said Klaus Vossen, Senior Product Manager, CorelDRAW. “Open everything from 2D and 3D source files to photos, documents and data. Produce, collaborate on and publish technical communications all with one comprehensive suite. Illustrators can boost their productivity and create intricate graphics or virtually any kind of technical visuals with total precision and control.” 

    CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 goes beyond the new subscriber-exclusive updates to also include the following new capabilities:  

    • Experience a seamless transition from 3D design to illustration: Easily turn repurposed 3D engineering data into detailed technical illustrations with a new thread workflow that simplifies working with bolts imported from XVL Studio Corel Edition. The new 3-Point Thread tool accurately snaps to the sides of your bolt as you drag the thread along it, and the new Remove Border tool quickly removes redundant outer lines of the projected shape with one click.  
    • Work faster with a reimagined approach to technical illustration: A reconfigured Projected Axes docker brings commonly used technical drawing tools and settings to the forefront of your illustration workspace. Now there’s no need to switch between dockers or other UI controls to move objects on a plane and moving elements along the projected axis is more intuitive. A new Projection Shortcut makes projecting shapes in and out of parallel perspective instantaneous. Save time with new Projection Bookmarks and the ability to pin custom perspective settings on your illustration for easy use at a later time.
    • Create complete spare parts pages with impressive new functionality: Experience a series of noteworthy new features purpose-built to power discrete manufacturing workflows. Import .DES, .CDR, and spreadsheet files into Corel DESIGNER’s Sources docker to couple technical illustrations with specifications in tables. Working with linked assets is easier with the ability to sync changes to designs and data when the files are edited elsewhere. New support for interactive SVG files conveys parts information with even more clarity and makes it simple to publish fully interactive documentation online.
    • Transform technical designs into compelling marketing assets: Go beyond classical technical illustration with access to the latest CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 applications for professional image editing, page layout, font management and more. 

    Main Applications in CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021: 

    • Corel DESIGNER 2021: Precision illustration and technical design 
    • CorelDRAW 2021: Vector illustration and page layout 
    • Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2021: Professional image editing 
    • XVL Studio Corel Edition: 3D visualisation and authoring 
    • File access, collaboration, and on-the-go illustration via web browser 
    • for iPad: Vector illustration and graphic design iPad app 
    • PowerTRACE: AI-powered bitmap-to-vector tracing 
    • CAPTURE: Screen capture tool 
    • AfterShot 3 HDR: RAW photo editor 

    Extend the power of CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 with XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition 

    Transform complex 3D CAD parts and assemblies into comprehensible visualisations with the XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition add-on. Available as a separate purchase for CorelDRAW Technical Suite, this powerful 3D authoring software is packed with productivity and performance enhancements, as well as added file format support. Save time with a more efficient process for updating 3D-sourced illustrations in Corel DESIGNER, and experience more control over automated updates, thanks to enriched Auto Detection and Update functionality. 

    Availability and pricing 

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is available on Windows 10 and Windows 11, macOS, web, iPad and mobile in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Swedish and Japanese. Subscription is $249 USD / €349 / £299 per year. A perpetual license with included 1-year maintenance is available at the suggested retail price of $599 USD / €933 / £778. EUR and GBP prices include VAT. 

    CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2021 is available on Windows 10 and Windows 11 as an individual license in English, German, French and Japanese. Corporate licenses are also available in Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. (All licenses include XVL Studio Corel Edition in a choice of English, German, French or Japanese.) Subscription licenses are priced at $499 USD / £469 / €499 a year. Suggested retail price (SRP) for a full version perpetual license with included 1-year maintenance is $1,199 USD / £1,129 / €1,199. Perpetual license upgrading pricing with maintenance is also available. GBP and Euro prices include VAT. 

    Access to the newly included Google Fonts library integration, dynamic asset management features and collaboration workflow enhancements are exclusively available with a CorelDRAW Technical Suite subscription, a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription or licensing with maintenance.

  • + EFI ProGraphics UV LED XA Ink Now Available for EFI Wide Format Flatbed and Hybrid Printers

    EFI™ ProGraphics™ XA high-adhesion ink – a versatile UV LED display graphics inkjet ink from 

    October 05 2021

    EFI™ ProGraphics™ XA high-adhesion ink – a versatile UV LED display graphics inkjet ink from Electronics For Imaging, Inc.suitable for a wide range of rigid and flexible media – is now available for EFI Wide Format flatbed and hybrid roll/flatbed printers. ProGraphics XA ink delivers superior results on corrugated plastics and other substrates with adhesion challenges.
    EFI customer Kurt Kahmnke, owner of Fenton, Missouri-based Payler Signs & Graphics, has gained greater adhesion and durability on rigid substrate prints he produces on his company’s new EFI Pro 30h hybrid wide-format printer. The ink gives Payler Signs superior results compared to the UV inks the company uses on a flatbed inkjet printer.
    We’ve tested prints produced with the ProGraphics XA ink in our EFI Pro 30h printer in a variety of modes on Coroplast®, acrylic, aluminum composites and other challenging materials by spraying them with water, leaving them outside in the heat, and stacking them ink side to ink side,” said Kahmnke. “We are very pleased with the ink’s adhesion, quality, and performance and are confident that we made the right choice.”
    The ProGraphics XA ink does not chip during cutting when used on standard acrylic, corrugated plastic or other fluted polypropylene media. Plus, ProGraphics XA ink is flexible enough for 180-degree heat forming applications. Bringing this advanced ink to the EFI Pro 24f, Pro 30f, Pro 16h and Pro 30h wide-format printers gives sign and display graphics operations more capabilities in the range of applications they offer to customers.
    We are pleased to bring this exceptional high-adhesion ink to our Wide Format printer owners,” said Ken Hanulec, EFI’s vice president of worldwide marketing. “We continually strive to increase the value of EFI investments, and now customers will have the benefit of ProGraphics XA ink’s versatility, durability and flexibility to extend the range of substrates and surfaces they can print on.”
    When purchasing an EFI Wide Format printer, customers can choose the ProGraphics Series UV LED ink set that best meets their application needs. Other ProGraphics inks include:

    • EFI - 3M™ ProGraphics UV LED ink for flexible applications, including those that need to be stretched or heated or require the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty;
    • EFI ProGraphics UV LED POP ink for rigid board and flexible media printing of indoor and outdoor applications;
    • EFI ProGraphics UV LED Rigid ink provides the best surface mar resistance and is ideal for printing on specialty rigid media, such as lenticular lenses, steel, aluminum, and wood;
    • EFI ProGraphics UV LED Ultra ink for a highly diverse range of flexible and rigid media applications, such as banners, exterior signage, retail signs, interior architectural design, and those that need the best outdoor weathering performance without lamination.

    For more information about EFI Wide Format printers and inks, visit

  • + Mutoh honoured for 10th straight year, wining 5 Pinnacle Awards at US Printing United Alliance in 2021

    MUTOH America, Inc., an industry leader in wide-format printers, has been honoured for the 10th year in a row by the PRINTING United Alliance for product excellence and quality. ...

    October 05 2021

    MUTOH America, Inc., an industry leader in wide-format printers, has been honoured for the 10th year in a row by the PRINTING United Alliance for product excellence and quality. 

    For 2021, MUTOH has won five Pinnacle Product Awards, which recognizes products that improve or advance the printing industry with exceptional contributions in quality, capability, and productivity. Entries are evaluated by a highly qualified panel of judges from across the printing industry in more than 58 categories including analogue, digital, output, and non-output technologies. 

    These honours were formerly known as ‘Product of the Year’ awards.

    The five 2021 output categories won by Mutoh are:

    • XpertJet 1641SR 64in Eco-Solvent Printer – Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (under 80 in.)
    • ValueJet 2638X 104 in Eco-Solvent Printer – Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (over 80 in.)
    • XpertJet 661UF 23×19 UV/LED Flatbed Printer – Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration)
    • ValueJet 1638UH Mark II 64” Hybrid UV/LED Printer – UV/Latex Hybrid (under $100K)
    • XpertJet 1682WR 64” Dye-Sublimation Printer – Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile (under $50K)

    [* US $]

    Mutoh Australia’s Managing Director Russell Cavenagh commented: “Its great to be part of a company that’s so focussed on quality and reliability. 10 years in a row is no fluke and testimony to the quality and productivity of Mutoh printers”.

    Cavenagh's counterpart across the Pacific, Brian Phipps, President and General Manager of Mutoh America commented: “We are very honoured to win the Printing United Pinnacle Award again for five of our best-in-class printers made in Japan. Competing against the biggest names in the industry and being able to demonstrate MUTOH’s commitment to excellence and quality is very rewarding.”

    To learn more about all of Mutoh’s award winners and other products visit

  • + Durst Group to present optimised end-to-end solutions at FESPA

    Durst Group, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, will present a wide range of end-to-end solutions for digital printing applications at FESPA 2021 in Amsterdam...

    September 28 2021

    Durst Group, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, will present a wide range of end-to-end solutions for digital printing applications at FESPA 2021 in Amsterdam, October 12-15, under its slogan "From Pixel to Output".

    "After such a long time, we are pleased to present our solutions to an international audience and to communicate the benefits of our 'From Pixel to Output' approach to the large format printing market" says Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of Durst Group.

    In recent years, Durst Group has built its own ecosystem, ranging from large-format printers with software and hardware to e-commerce portals and finishing modules, offering customers end-to-end solutions including training, support and maintenance.

    "Our modular software suite helps our customers to optimize their processes and ultimately increase their competitiveness," adds Christoph Gamper. "The market is responding very positively to this approach, which is also reflected in the installation numbers in the large format segment."


    With the P5 - PRODUCTION EXCELLENCE, Durst Group already launched a solid technology platform in 2018 that scores with its outstanding versatility and efficiency. In the meantime, more than 100 systems of the P5 350 series alone have been installed worldwide in a wide variety of application areas. P5 350 is a hybrid solution for both roll-to-roll and flatbed printing and covers a substrate width of 3.5 meters.

    In addition, the Durst Automat feeder and stacker system can be used to equip the entire P5 product line – which includes the P5 210/HS, P5 350/HS and P5 250 WT - for full- or three-quarter automated production. Durst Automat achieves high productivity in the automated production cycle and supports the hybrid features of the P5 series with the ability to quickly change materials between roll- and flatbed printing.

    The operator is actively supported in the operation by various features. Access to two rolls via the Multi-roll option makes material changes much easier in practice. In addition, the Dualroll option allows printing on two rolls with a maximum width of 1.6 meters. Moreover, when processing rigid materials, up to six boards can be printed in parallel. Light barriers at the in-feed and out-feed as well as an all-round protection system ensure the necessary production safety for personnel and machine. The high-speed version P5 350 HS with a maximum printing speed of 700 m2/h, which is more than double compared to the standard model, in combination with Durst Automat and the corrugated option, is the ideal solution for entry-level digital corrugated printing for the packaging and display sector.

    Paradigm shift in the soft signage market

    The soft signage market has been recording constant growth rates for years, and in all aspects. With the introduction of the innovative P5 TEX iSUB, the Durst Group is once again setting the technology standard. At its heart is an integrated inline fixation system for direct printing on polyester fabrics, which enables a single-stage printing process and leads to greater efficiency and a significant increase in productivity. With the P5 TEX iSUB, transfer papers can also be printed and further processed. The combination of both printing methods in one system ensures flexibility in production.

    The P5 Sublifix sublimation ink delivers vibrant colours, sharp images even on difficult media such as blackback or backlit for light boxes or flags. In addition to the CMYK inks, light versions of cyan, magenta and black are available to expand the color gamut. Another interesting feature of the Durst P5 TEX iSUB is the integrated finishing unit, which can be used to directly sew and stitch media. Both the P5 350/HS and the P5 TEX iSUB will be unveiled to the broad public for the first time at FESPA 2021 in Amsterdam.

    Vanguard joins the Durst family

    In 2020, Durst added to its portfolio by acquiring a majority stake in Vanguard Digital Printing Systems. FESPA 2021 marks the first joint appearance of the two companies. The new VR6D flatbed printer will make its debut in Amsterdam and covers the mid-range performance spectrum. It features an attractive price/performance ratio and can be configured for different applications thanks to its modular design. Vanguard's solutions are meeting with a high level of acceptance among customers, particularly in North America.

    "We are pleased to also be able to demonstrate the potential of the solutions to European visitors at FESPA and are convinced that Vanguard will successfully establish itself in the European market," emphasises Christoph Gamper.

  • + Esko adds to flexo plate making family with new CDI Crystal 4260 XPS, PlateHandler and PlateFeeder-S

    Esko has launched its latest plate making solution, the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS, delivering more automation, enhanced quality, increased simplicity and improved reliability to the plate room.

    September 28 2021

    Esko has launched its latest plate making solution, the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS, delivering more automation, enhanced quality, increased simplicity and improved reliability to the plate room.

    The CDI Crystal 4260 XPS can be operated with just one hour of training, with single touch operation using an intuitive screen interface and enables unattended operation. The award-winning Esko XPS Crystal technology optimally combines UV main and back exposure, using LEDs that always emit consistent UV light as opposed to traditional exposure frames, which use lightbulbs with fluctuating output.

    “Today’s prepress departments face a number of challenges that make the desire to offer the combination of quality, speed and competitive pricing a key driver of investment and organisational decisions,” said Pascal Thomas, Director of Flexo Business at Esko. “The impact of Covid-19 has only compounded the demands on the packaging prepress and printing sector – be that increasing production complexity, shorter run lengths or a need for fast turnaround to meet their brand customers’ need for speed to market.

    “Maintaining prepress quality and efficiency in the face of such complexity is challenging, when also needing to manage product and service quality and minimise costs to remain competitive. The answer lies in digitising, automating and connecting the prepress and plate making process to drive down costs, increase quality and speed, and eliminate waste and errors in resources, time and materials. To that end, we are introducing the newest member of the Esko CDI family, the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS.”

    The combination of the CDI Crystal flexo imager with the XPS Crystal exposing unit offers a perfect, consolidated flexo plate making workflow with the highest return on investment. “Redefined from scratch, the integration and automation of the digital imaging and LED UV exposure processes improves consistency and overall ease of use for prepress operators,” said Pascal. “This solution not only frees up valuable time but also reduces maintenance and the footprint of the flexo equipment, keeping costs to a minimum.”

    The CDI Crystal 4260 XPS excels in efficiency, reducing manual steps by 50% and reducing errors by 50% to create less plate waste, alongside reducing operator time by as much as 73%.

    Further driving productivity in the plate room, Esko introduced the PlateHandler, a robotic device connecting the CDI Crystal imager with the XPS Crystal exposure unit. “A prepress operator is usually required to manage multiple devices to produce a plate, which demands considerable time and attention to what is going on, and often incurs a risk of error,” explained Pascal. “Integrating the Esko PlateHandler into the system reduces the number of operator touchpoints, freeing up to 50% of their time and enabling them to attend other more value-adding tasks such as quality control, plate storage and plate mounting,” he said.

    “Similarly, the new Esko PlateFeeder-S has been designed to solve a number of common issues. For example, it enables distortion-free transportation of plates, avoiding damage when they are transferred manually from storage to the CDI,” said Pascal. “The table can also be tilted to pass through doors and docked onto the CDI to ensure perfect plate positioning and digital connection to the CDI Crystal. Its cover sheet can also be removed to provide free access from all sides without static charge input.”

    Integrating the PlateFeeder-S into the setup also prevents idling between plates due to the operator attending to other tasks, boosting productivity further by enabling an additional plate to be positioned for automated transportation into the CDI Crystal immediately when available. “The operator only needs to attend the machine once within each imaging cycle, to load a new plate and unload the exposed plate from the XPS Crystal,” said Pascal.

    “What’s more, manual positioning is prone to errors and can be time intensive. But with the PlateFeeder-S, once docked, it becomes visible on the CDI touchscreen and integrates into the automated workflow enabling the operator to position a new plate at any time during the 15-minute imaging process,” he said. “Built-in sensors also secure accurate plate loading via the PlateHandler, avoiding plate waste and further errors. The PlateFeeder-S eliminates 100% of the plate loading idle time on the CDI Crystal XPS resulting in uninterrupted plate making, reducing system idling by up to 40% and delivering a 40% reduction in human touch points.

    “With a CDI Crystal 4260 XPS with PlateHandler and PlateFeeder-S working continuously with optimum throughput and minimum operator attention, there is complete platemaking automation. The overall impact can be an increase in plate making productivity of up to 15%.”

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