Epson Wins Best of the Best Awards in the Product Design Category at the 2024 Red Dot Design Awards

For products including an inkjet printer, garment printer and auto colour chart reading portable table


Epson's DS-C480W and DS-C420W series of document scanners became one of a small percentage of entrants to win a Best of the Best award, the highest distinction in the Red Dot: Product Design 2024 awards. This marks the fifth time that Epson has won Best of the Best. Epson also received Red Dot awards for a business inkjet printer, garment printer and an auto colour chart reading portable table.

Best of the Best award-winning design

Document Scanners: DS-C480W (DS-C380W in Australia and New Zealand) and DS-C420W (DS-C320W in Australia and New Zealand) Series


 These compact desktop scanners help save space. The U-turn paper feeding vertical layout, frontal operation and flattened back achieve space saving, which helps contribute to an environment where the user can work comfortably and smoothly.


 Red Dot: Product Design winners Business Inkjet Printers: WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000, 5000 and 6000 

These high-speed A3 inkjet printers are intended for medium-sized to large offices. These inkjets don't use heat to fire ink*, and therefore consume less power than laser equivalents. Together with a simple structure that saves resources, these printers are designed to minimise environmental impact. The exterior is white, clean, rounded and unimposing.

WorkForce Enterprise AM-C6000 / 5000 / 4000

 Garment Printers: SureColor SC-F2200 Series (SureColor F2260 in Australia and New Zealand) 

These garment printers can directly print onto T-shirts and other clothes. The compact design of these printers makes them easy to install, expand and transport. Epson has also changed the design of the operating unit to solve the issue of T-shirts being difficult to attach to the previous model. Productivity has also been improved with the new model being made easier to operate. Epson hopes that the product helps contribute to the digitalisation of the textile printing industry.

SureColor F2260

 Auto Colour Chart Reading Portable Table (Auto Table for SD-10 spectrophotometer in Australia and New Zealand) spectrophotometer 

This automatic colour measurement portable table makes it easy to match colours on Epson large-format printers. It works in conjunction with Epson's colour measurement device (SD-10 spectrophotometer) and colour management software (Edge Color Lite) to automatically measure colours so that anyone can match colours accurately and quickly. It can also measure soft materials such as cloth and thick materials.  

Auto Table for SD-10 spectrophotometer

Conventional automatic colour measurement tables are large and difficult to carry. Epson solves this problem by using drive technology cultivated in printers to create a small, lightweight, high-precision body. It comes with a carry bag that is easy to carry and store, so you can take it to a site, open the bag, and start measuring colours immediately.  For more on the Red Dot Awards go to: